EP 004 - Taylor Cocalis Suarez of Good Food Jobs & Suarez Family Brewery


We are back from a brief hiatus! These last two months have been filled with new longer term projects for Artisan Situation as well as change from my current full-time job. During this whirlwind, I have been able to collect a range of interviews and podcasts. Here is the first of my road trip that took me from my hometown of Baltimore to Hudson Valley, New York through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and finally Chicago. For my first podcast recorded along my trip I’m joined by Taylor Cocalis Suarez.

Suarez Family Brewery - 2017 02 20 (8 of 25).jpg

She is a part of a brewery family. There is no better way to describe the feelings I received when I entered the Suarez Family Brewery. I know it is somewhat non descriptive considering that “family” is in the name of the brewery. But honestly they did a great job naming the brewery after what they truly are. Upon entry I was greeted by dogs, parents, little Enzo Suarez, and the brewery staff. They were not expecting me, but they were more than willing to open their arms to me and introduce me to their team.

Suarez Family Brewery - 2017 02 20 (22 of 25).jpg

Taylor is a powerful energetic figure that captures the energy around her and shares that with others in the form of enthusiasm. Her understanding and love of food was enhanced after her time studying her Masters in Food Culture and Communications in Italy, designed by Slow Food International. She took that knowledge to Murray’s Cheese in Brooklyn, where she met a new young brewer named Dan Suarez. Today, Taylor runs the business side of the Suarez Family Brewery located in Livingston, New York, but is also one of the founders of Good Food Jobs, a platform that provides job listings focused on genuine food related opportunities. Her journey as a food citizen can teach us a lot about ourselves, and her enthusiasm for understanding how people embrace food in their lives is inspiring. This is Taylor Cocalis Suarez of Good Food Jobs and Suarez Family Brewery

Livingston, New York and the area around Hudson, New York was incredibly beautiful and close-knit. I cannot wait for my next visit to Hudson, NY. I hope you learn as much as I did about how people can make food a part of their lives rather than just a necessity.


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