Who are we?


The Artisan situation:

is a creative, and collaborative voice in food, writing about artisanal, sustainable, and rustic aspects of food culture.



What do we do?

We tell stories and serve those interested in the future of food culture. We do this in many ways - events, storytelling, and collaborations - but most importantly, we tell important stories to help inspire, connect, and empower those who care about their food.

Food is an intimate entry into people's lives, the local environment, and the heritage of a place. We believe that every person has a connection to food that stretches far beyond simply a source of human nutrition. Food is at the center of culture, ethics, ecology, and flavor. 

We care about food and hope that you will join us on our journey to meet people who feel the same way.


Our Development Team

Photo by Stefanie Sels

Photo by Stefanie Sels

Zachary Kaiser
Founder, Chief Storyteller, & Creative lead

I grew up admiring culinary aspects of life, recognizing that all people can relate to one thing - food. I grew up working on farms (AeroFarms and others), at local craft breweries & cideries (Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, Millstone Cellars), and with young entrepreneurs. I studied Environmental Studies and International Studies and traveled to Germany and Costa Rica to pursue my interest in sustainability and farm-to-table culture. I actively lend my experiences to Diamondback Brewing Company as the Sales and Marketing Coordinator.

These experiences give me an insider perspective into how we consume, produce, and grow our food. Our relationship to food and our community is closely intertwined and I look to tell these stories in critical, creative, and curious ways with the help of my friends.

I admire the people who put their heart and soul into creating high-quality products and produce clean food. Please join me as I follow the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals shaping food culture and ethics in America.  

See pieces by Zach


Alex Licata
chief of development & Events Coordinator

Currently working in the world of Marketing and Social Media Analytics, Alex works closely in developing brand-strategy and communications for small-businesses through his company SmAAk.

With The Artisan Situation, Alex manages and develops a distinct voice and intimate experience for each of our events. He works to make each experience look beautiful and feel authentic, while giving back to the local community.

Photo by Camille Thompson

Photo by Camille Thompson


Rebecca lives in Portland, Oregon working on projects related to entrepreneurship, art, and coffee. In between her time working at the Portland Art Museum, she is an amateur home coffee roaster.

As the Lead Editor at The Artisan Situation, Rebecca is the gatekeeper for our voice and storytelling vision, helping to coordinate all of our stories across our website. See pieces by Rebecca


Our Storytelling Team

Gibson Profile Photo.jpg

Photographer, Storyteller, artist

Gibson, originally from Massachusetts, now resides in northern California working in the world of craft beer as a brewer at Anderson Valley Brewing Company. He brings a love of local ingredients to his work as a brewer and lends his artistic expertise to graphic design content on the site. See pieces by Gibson


Nick Toole
Videographer, Storyteller

Nick's interest in food culture stems from his close relationship to food throughout his life in Maine. His interest in food began when his parents got involved in the restaurant and baking business. Today he brings this keen eye for food culture to video and written content on the site. Nick shares his outgoing personality with the team at Allagash Brewing Company working with their guest relations team. See pieces by Nick


Grover "Nick" Bailey 
Photographer, Brand Consultant

Nick has lived in Pennsylvania his entire life where he fell in love with coffee, beer, and the photographic landscape. Today, he works with quench, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a brand strategist. With AS, he lends his creative eye as a photographer and his critical eye as a brand consultant for the site. See pieces by Nick


Storyteller, Photographer, Podcaster

Justin currently lives in Oregon where he explores breweries and taphouses, working in brewing operations at Crux Fermentation Project. He has a background in climate change and is particularly keen on looking for those acting to reduce their carbon footprint while still making incredibly unique beer or food. See pieces by Justin


emily Bowie
STORYteller, photographer

Emily is a native Mainer who relocated to Durango, Colorado a few years ago. Surprisingly the two places have a lot in common -  beautiful landscapes worth preserving. She works for the San Juan Citizens Alliance on energy and climate campaigns. In her free time she farms, runs, and ferments beer, yogurt, and kombucha. See pieces by Emily