EP 001 - Adam Dellinger of Sunny Brae Hops


Our journey with this podcast begins with Adam Dellinger. On his five acre farm, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Adam has begun growing hops for breweries throughout Pennsylvania. He carefully straddles between the world of farming and brewing bringing both of these communities together centered around full-flavored PA grown hops. Adam took a methodical approach to develop his ideas for his hop farm, pulling from his own family history and experience in homesteading. 

For me, starting this podcast in the town where I completed my undergraduate studies made clear cut sense - a new journey begins where the old one ends. 


When I first met Adam, his exuberant attitude coupled with his tenacity to succeed and learn about hops showed on his sleeve. He is someone that cares about producing high quality beer and hops, and wants to provide for his community. He thrives off of the creativity and camaraderie emanating from the brewers shaping its' future. 

When I first arrived I was greeted by his cats that scurried in and out of his farmhouse doors with excitement. He mentioned that over the past couple years his cats have gotten used to bearded men coming in and out of his house. With haste, we cracked some beers including the beer Freshie IPA brewed by Free Will Brewing featuring his Chinook and Cascade hops. The bitterness popped in my mouth and the beer finished with strong notes of grapefruit zest and citrus. After recording, I found myself grabbing another pint. This time a Chinook Harvest Ale at Molly Pitcher Brewing taking in more flavors and aromas of the farm. I could not help myself.

Adam is someone who I admire. He thinks about his decisions thoughtfully and thoroughly. He cares about the trajectory of the farm-to-table movement and what it means to farms and agrarian culture. 

For me, it was the ideal if not perfect beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful journey on The Artisan Situation Podcast


The Artisan Situation Podcast

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